Increase your Website's Search Engine Rank with a Money-back Guarantee

We increase your Search Engine Rank when we launch your new website or your Money-back!
We are Web Developers and SEO Experts and we have been building websites for over 10 years.   When we build a website, every time we launch it, it increases Search Engine Rank within two weeks and that’s why we are confident in providing a money-back guarantee:  We increase your Google rank or we will give you your money back, no questions asked.   There is no other guarantee quite like this and we are confident in our abilities to increase your Search Engine Rank and that’s why we are providing this guarantee.
Please note the following conditions:

  1. This only applies to the Optimized Website Packages  / Website contracts over $6,500
  2. We have to approve your website request to qualify for the money-back guarantee and submitting a website request does not automatically qualify your project for this promo.
  3. When you submit your website request through our forms, please give us 48 hours to get back to you with an approval.  Once approved you will be sent an invoice.  Once the invoice has been paid, your project will start.
  4. Please note a few things, when you sign up with us we will provide you with your website’s current ranking with current keywords.  When we launch your new website, we will provide you with your new rankings and keywords within 2 weeks of launch.
  5. We are confident in delivering increased search ranking because the latest algorithm is now real-time, this was not possible prior
  6. This only applies to new website projects, if you don’t want a new website, please check out our SEO packages
  7. This promo is open to all Small Businesses in the United States and the Caribbean and ends on July 30, 2017.  The promo ends but our development protocols will always enable your website to rank higher than your current website

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