Which Caribbean Island is most popular for Scuba Diving?

Caribbean Scuba Diving

Caribbean Scuba Diving

Let’s find out which Caribbean Island is the most popular diving destination by finding out how many searches each island receives.

For the keyword, “diving” here are the top 15 monthly searches:

  1. cuba diving /1,300
  2. bahamas diving /1,000
  3. curacao diving /880
  4. aruba diving /880
  5. jamaican diver /720
  6. grand cayman diving /720
  7. turks and caicos diving /720
  8. honduras diving /590
  9. st lucia diving /590
  10. cayman islands diving /480
  11. dominican republic dicing /480
  12. grenada diving /260
  13. antigua diving /260
  14. dominica diving /210
  15. guadeloupe diving /170

For the keyword, “scuba diving” here are the top monthly searches:

  1. aruba scuba diving /880
  2. cuba scuba diving /590
  3. bahamas scuba diving /480
  4. cayman scuba diving /480
  5. st lucia scuba diving /480
  6. st maarten scuba diving /320
  7. dominican republic scuba diving /320
  8. jamaica scuba diving /320
  9. honduras scuba diving /260
  10. curacao scuba diving 260
  11. turks and caicos scuba diving /260
  12. antigua scuba diving /170
  13. grenada scuba diving /170
  14. dominica scuba diving /170
  15. martinique scuba diving /70

Based on the top 15 searches above, the most popular Islands are Cuba, Bahamas, Aruba,  Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos, Curacao so we are going to do a specific island search within these destinations:

Specific Island searches for “diving”

For Cuba 

  • varadero diving /140
  • jardines de la reina diving /110
  • cayo coco diving /90
  • maria la gorda diving /90
  • cayo largo diving /50

Total searches for Cuba /2,370

For Cayman Islands 

  • grand cayman diving /720
  • cayman brac diving /110
  • little cayman diving /110

Total searches for Cayman Islands /1,900

For Aruba 

Total searches for Aruba /1,760

For Bahamas 

  • grand bahama diving /70
  • abaco diving /50
  • eleuthera diving /50
  • paradise island diving /30
  • andros island diving /10

Total searches for Bahamas /1,690

For Turks and Caicos 

  • providenciales diving /50
  • west caicos diving /10
  • parrot cay diving /10

Total searches for Turks and Caicos /1,050

For Jamaica

  • montego bay diving /110
  • negril diving /50
  • kingston diving /40
  • ocho rios diving /20

Total searches for Jamaica /1,260

For Curacao

Total searches for Curacao /1,140

For Honduras

Total searches for Honduras /850

Most Popular Diving Destination in the Caribbean

Based on the searches we can safely assume that the top Dive destination is Cuba.  Here are the Top 5 Diving Destination in the Caribbean

  1. Cuba with a total of 2,370 monthly searches
  2. Cayman Islands with a total of 1,900 monthly searches
  3.  Aruba with a total of 1,760 monthly searches
  4. Bahamas with a total of 1,690 monthly searches
  5. Jamaica with a total of 1,260 monthly searches

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Disclaimer: Please note that this isn’t the most comprehensive keyword search.  We did not go into each keyword permutation but it gives us a general idea on the major keyword searches. If you would like to know what your keywords are, please send us an email via our contact form.


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