First page results for Web Design Northern VA

We are a web design company located in Northern Virginia so essentially our keyword is, “web design northern va” and permutations thereof. When we started the website a couple of years ago, we were at the bottom of 5th page for the keyword. No one could find us and our visibility for our location was zero. Today, when I searched on Google, we are finally on the first page! How exciting!
Below is a screenshot that was taken from Woodbridge, Va today, February 2, 2017. In Herndon, VA it looks as though we are #9 for the same keyword.

First page results
First page results

Currently we are still at the bottom part of the first page but with enough time, we will no doubt be on the top of that keyword. If you are interested in getting first page results for your website / company, below are a few things to do.

Things to do to get First Page Results

  1. Write content that is relatable, appealing and shareable — thats easier said than done but whenever we write content we make sure that its something that our Users will find interesting and relatable. We always hope that they find information that will help them so then that makes it shareable.
    • Content should be shared on your social media sites and you need to ensure that your content gets seen either by emailing your clients or paying for boosted ads on Facebook.
    • Content should have atleast one photo and if you are explaining a difficult subject, add a diagram or table or visual to represent your idea
    • Be yourself when you are writing because then it becomes authentic. Users like authentic content.
    • You should be writing more than 500 words. Or at the very least you should have more text than html on any given page.
    • Write content regularly so that the search engines will always have something new to index
  2. Make sure your website is Mobile Responsive — Since mobile has now surpassed desktop in Users, it is a good business decision to ensure that your website is mobile responsive. Users need to be able to find the information they need using their mobile device. Your website needs to be fast enough to load on a mobile device.
  3. Make sure you have identified your keywords — For a lot of folks out there, it seems to me that they think that Google magically knows where to place their website. But Google doesn’t, you need to give Google clues by providing the keywords you want to show up for. On the flip side, don’t go overboard with keywords, just put enough so that Google can figure out where to properly categorize your website otherwise they will penalize with with whats called, “keyword stuffing”
  4. Make sure your Website is secure — I say this because when you have a secure website, it means that your website has the latest installation, uses a secure hosting service and has an SSL certificate. It means that you are continually updating your website and thats a sign that Google will like your website even more. This includes adding a firewall, ensuring your software is always the latest release and ensuring that your website has a backup. A couple of years ago, websites built on a CMS were being hit heavily with whats now known as the “pharma hack” — but if your website was frequently updated, this would not have happened to you.

There are many other things to do to help your website rank on the first page but this is a good starting point. If you can engage your users so that they can keep clicking on your website then you will be on the first page in no time. As usual, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.